Track-focused Porsche GT2 RS

Heasman-Tuned Porsche GT2 RS Conquers Bathurst

The world of high-performance cars is not just about power; it’s about precision, balance, and fine-tuning to the nth degree. This philosophy was perfectly exemplified in a recent project at Heasmans, where we took a Porsche GT2 RS and not only fine-tuned it for maximum track performance but also helped it shatter the Bathurst Production Car lap record, clocking an astonishing time of 2:11.79.

The Challenge: Perfecting Performance

Our journey began with a client’s concern about their Porsche’s shock absorbers. They felt the vehicle wasn’t performing at its peak, suspecting a lack of harmony in the shocks. To address this, we employed our LABA7 Shock Dyno, aiming to ensure consistent results from both front and rear shocks, and achieving a perfect balance from left to right.

Diagnostic Precision with LABA7 Shock Dyno

The LABA7 Shock Dyno allowed us to delve deep into the performance of the Porsche’s shocks. This state-of-the-art tool is essential for understanding and tuning shock absorbers, which are critical for handling and stability. Our analysis identified inconsistencies, which we meticulously adjusted, setting the stage for a finely balanced driving experience.

Comprehensive Upgrades

Understanding that excellence in track performance requires a holistic approach, we upgraded the brake pads for enhanced stopping power, performed a precise wheel alignment for optimal handling, and executed corner-weighting to distribute weight evenly across the car. These steps were crucial in preparing the Porsche for peak track performance.




The Bathurst Breakthrough

The true test of our efforts came at the iconic Bathurst track. The Porsche GT2 RS, optimised and fine-tuned by our team, took to the circuit. The result was nothing short of spectacular. The vehicle not only performed flawlessly but went on to break the Bathurst Production Car lap record with a time of 2:11.79. This achievement was a testament to the meticulous work done by our team and the unparalleled capabilities of the Porsche GT2 RS.

At Heasmans, this project exemplifies our dedication to automotive excellence. It’s a clear demonstration of how our expertise in tuning and optimization can elevate a vehicle’s performance to record-breaking levels. Our approach goes beyond mere adjustments; it’s about understanding each vehicle’s potential and unlocking it.

Whether it’s for daily driving or setting new records at Bathurst, we are committed to delivering unparalleled performance and driving pleasure to our clients.

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