Load Assist Polyair

Heasmans Off-Road introduces Load Assist Polyair solutions, enhancing SUV and 4WD performance, safety, and comfort under heavy loads.

Load Assist Polyair for Your Adventures

In an era where SUVs and 4WDs are increasingly tasked with heavy loads, whether for recreational, professional, or everyday use, maintaining vehicle performance, safety, and comfort is paramount. Heasmans Off-Road introduces the Load Assist Polyair solutions, a cutting-edge range designed to counteract the challenges of heavy loading.

Upgrade your ride with Polyair Bellows Ultimate lift kits at Heasmans Sydney. Enhance performance, durability, and suspension for off-road excellence.

Discover top-quality Polyair Ultimate Series lift kits at Heasmans Sydney. Perfect for boosting your vehicle’s suspension and off-road capability.

Experience advanced control with Wireless Air Ultimate lift kits available at Heasmans Sydney. Transform your ride’s suspension for unmatched performance.

Find premium Wireless One Ultimate lift kits at Heasmans Sydney, enhancing your vehicle’s suspension for superior handling and off-road readiness.


The Polyair Wireless Air Ultimate offers an unparalleled level of convenience and control for adjusting your vehicle’s air suspension. Designed to seamlessly integrate with all Polyair load assist products, this cutting-edge system allows Sydney drivers and others to manage their vehicle’s load support from anywhere using a smartphone app. It combines high-end technology with robust performance, ensuring a smoother, more responsive ride under any load condition. For more details on this product, visiting the Polyair website directly would provide the most comprehensive information.

Why Choose Load Assist Polyair?

When vehicles are burdened with heavy loads, the rear end tends to drop, adversely affecting the vehicle’s dynamics. Symptoms like suspension bottoming out, rough rides, excessive sway, unpredictable braking, and poor headlight aim are common, compromising safety and comfort. The Load Assist Polyair kits, including the Ultimate, Bellows, Red Series, and Dominator, offer a flexible solution to these issues, ensuring your vehicle remains stable and safe under any load condition.

Polyair’s load assist solutions are air adjustable, allowing for tailored support ranging from 5 to 100 psi, depending on the series. This adaptability ensures that whether your vehicle is lightly loaded or carrying the heaviest cargo, you can easily adjust the level of support needed for optimal performance.

Constructed from tough materials like moulded polyurethane and fabric-reinforced rubber, these kits are built to last. They withstand extreme temperature variations and rigorous use, ensuring years of reliable service. With a 24-month, unlimited kilometre warranty, you can trust in the durability and quality of the Load Assist Polyair products.

Our Load Assist Polyair Range

Ultimate Series – Designed for coil sprung vehicles, offering up to 60psi of pressure for those seriously heavy loads. Ideal for vehicles frequently towing or carrying heavy cargo​​.

Bellows Series – Specially tailored for leaf sprung vehicles, the Bellows series ensures your vehicle handles heavy loads with ease, maintaining safety and comfort​​.

Red Series – The Red Series kits are perfect for coil sprung vehicles needing a balance of performance and flexibility, providing a smoother ride under load​​.

Dominator – The strongest in the Polyair range, the Dominator is specifically designed for the Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series, offering unparalleled support and control​​.

Popular Questions

Polyair Load Assist offers numerous benefits for Sydney drivers, including improved vehicle stability and safety, enhanced ride comfort, and reduced wear on suspension components. By preventing the rear end from sagging under heavy loads, it ensures optimal handling and braking performance across Sydney’s diverse driving conditions

Yes, Sydney residents can significantly benefit from Polyair Load Assist for off-road driving. The system is designed to provide extra support for vehicles carrying heavy loads, improving off-road capability and comfort on Sydney’s rugged terrains by maintaining proper vehicle height and alignment

In Sydney, Polyair Load Assist improves towing by leveling the vehicle, reducing sway, and enhancing overall control and stability. This is particularly beneficial for Sydney-based drivers who tow caravans, trailers, or boats, ensuring a smoother and safer towing experience

Yes, there are multiple types of Polyair Load Assist kits available, including the Ultimate, Bellows, Red Series, and Dominator, each designed to cater to different vehicle types and needs in Sydney. Whether for daily commuting or heavy-duty applications, there’s a Polyair solution for Sydney vehicles

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