Upgrading the BMW M3 CS with Premium Carbon Fiber and Performance Enhancements

At Heasmans, we’re no strangers to transforming high-performance vehicles into something truly extraordinary. Our latest project, a BMW M3 CS, is a testament to our passion for automotive excellence. With a suite of carefully selected upgrades, including the Eventuri Dry Carbon Fiber Intake, Quicksilver M Performance V Quad Exhaust System, Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber Front Motorsport Grille, and more, we’ve taken the M3 CS to new heights of performance and style.

Quicksilver M Performance V Quad Exhaust System

Quicksilver Carbon Diffuser

M Performance Carbon Rear Winglits

Quicksilver M Performance
V Quad Exhaust System

Sound is just as important as speed when it comes to high-performance vehicles. The Quicksilver M Performance V Quad Exhaust System not only provides a significant improvement in exhaust flow over stock systems, leading to increased power, but it also offers that distinctive, aggressive sound that enthusiasts crave.

Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber Aesthetics: Front Motorsport Grille and Front Lip

Style meets performance with the Vorsteiner M3 Carbon Fiber Front Motorsport Grille and Front Lip. These components not only give the BMW M3 CS a more menacing and aerodynamic appearance but also contribute to its overall performance by improving airflow and reducing drag.

Vorsteiner M3 Carbon Fiber Front Motorsport Grille

Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber Front Lip

Eventuri Dry Carbon Fiber Intake: Breathe Better, Perform Stronger

The heart of any performance vehicle is its engine, and how it breathes significantly impacts its output. That’s why we installed the Eventuri Dry Carbon Fiber Intake. Known for its high-quality construction and performance benefits, this intake not only enhances airflow but also contributes to the engine’s efficiency and power output.

A Symphony of Performance and Style

This rear-end upgrade is more than just a modification; it’s a statement. It speaks to those who demand excellence and refuse to settle for anything less than the best. Whether it’s the enhanced stability provided by the diffuser, the captivating sound of the exhaust, or the sheer beauty of the carbon fiber accents, every aspect of this upgrade has been thoughtfully designed to elevate your driving experience.

M Performance Carbon Fiber Side Skirts

Perfecting the BMW M3 CS

Our dedication to quality and performance is evident in every project we undertake. This BMW M3 CS is a shining example of how the right combination of high-performance upgrades can transform a great car into an exceptional one. Whether it’s through enhancing the engine’s breathing with an Eventuri intake, improving exhaust sound and efficiency with Quicksilver, or upgrading aesthetics and aerodynamics with Vorsteiner carbon fiber components, we take pride in elevating every vehicle to its maximum potential.



Intake System

Experience the Heasmans Difference

At Heasmans, we understand that your vehicle is a reflection of your passion for performance. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to sourcing and installing the finest upgrades, ensuring that every vehicle that leaves our workshop is a pinnacle of performance and aesthetics. The BMW M3 CS, with its enhanced rear end, stands as a testament to what is achievable when innovation meets precision.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your vehicle’s performance, aesthetics, or both, Heasmans is your premier destination for automotive excellence. Visit us to discover how we can transform your driving experience.

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