We recently supplied and fitted this beautiful classic E30 with an Air Lift Performance 3P System. For many car enthusiasts, the E30 is high on the most wanted list. It’s well balanced, affordable, has a huge aftermarket with lots of potential and is easily one of the most iconic shapes in motoring. So when Henry’s E30 rolled through our doors we knew we were going to have some fun.





Henry’s car is an extremely clean example of an E30 and has been kitted out with just about every rare option available from factory, including on-board computer, pop-out rear windows, OBC indicator stalk, complete factory tool kit and cruise control. It even has an immaculate original dashboard that hasn’t been re-skinned. Under the bonnet you’ll find a tuned 2.7L M20 with an Alpina big bore throttle body and inlet manifold as well as a Hi-Tech custom exhaust. Moving towards the suspension, there’s an Eibach strut brace with M3 offset control arm bushes.



selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-HenrysE30-16With a project like this, we wanted to use a quality system that not only performs well, but is also easy to use. With that in mind, we chose the Air Lift Performance 3P system for Henry’s E30.  The 3H has some great features. The key components of this system require less drilling, wiring, and take up a small amount of space, resulting in a cleaner install. The 3P comes with Air Lift’s Performance 3 Controller, as well as a free app for compatible smart phones. We used the Air Lift software levels to set minimum and maximum heights.




The features of the 3P System include a fully integrated manifold, 5 custom presets that allow you to quickly adjust and maintain height and pressure presets with the push of a button. More features include; automatic height sensors that adapt to changes in the load, ‘show’ mode which allows you to make adjustments even when the car is off as well as anti-cross loading and axle equalization. It’s an incredibly functional and easy to use system, with lots of options for customization so you can get your settings dialed in.




selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-HenrysE30-10After the install was complete, all that was left to do was the wheel alignment. Henry decided to go with BBS RS rims, 16×8 up front, 16×8.5 in the back with an offset of 14 all round. We aligned the wheels using our Tron aligner (which you can read more about here). The Tron aligner is an amazing system that doesn’t cost any more to use than a standard aligner. Soon after, Henry’s E30 was complete and rolling out the door.





Projects like this are great to work on and like Henry, we are very happy with the results. The E30 is already a beautiful car, but we think Henry’s is a great example of what happens when you truly take care of your car. But we’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking.




Photography by SELECTNINE

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