Recently we had this brilliant green Lamborghini Huracan come in for a little bit of work. Straying slightly from the usual suspension and steering work that we do, this Huracan LP-610-4 was actually in to have a Frequency Intelligent Exhaust fitted. An exhaust swap may sound like a relatively straight forward task, but in fact it’s quite a procedure removing everything to gain access to the factory system so it can be removed to make way for the FiE system.



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The Frequency Intelligent Exhaust system is a variable exhaust system that benefits both comfort and performance. An exhaust control valve is used to favour a mode that the driver has selected. With the valve fully open, it creates a brilliant tone which brings with it the maximum amount of flow and power. With the valve closed, the volume is reduced and the exhaust allows for a comfortable low profile driving experience. This particular exhaust has been partnered with the existing OEM Lamborghini exhaust valve.


selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-24 selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-27 selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-28 selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-29 selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-38 selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-40 selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-41 selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-46 selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-47 selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-49 selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-53

selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-100 selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-101 selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-102

Our technician Chris was tasked with the job of installing the new FiE System, but not before the rear end of the Huracan was almost completely dismantled, and the OEM system was removed.







The size and especially the weight difference between the two systems was astounding, clearly seen in these comparison images above.


selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-54 selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-57 selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-58 selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-59 selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-60

selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-64 selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-65

selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-31 selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-32 selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-33

While the electronic exhaust valve may be the main feature of this exhaust, there are still a couple of other benefits which shouldn’t go unmentioned. The muffler internals have been individually designed and fabricated by FiE to suit each particular car model. Also worth noting is the considerable weight difference between the factory exhaust and the newly fitted FiE system. Before long it was time for Chris to piece the Huracan back together and fire it up for the first time. Needless to say it sent a rumble through the workshop!


selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-66 selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-72selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-69

The striking factory green you’ll find on the exterior of the Huracan also made it’s way inside, the green stitching complimenting the alcantara which you’ll find sitting throughout the fully optioned interior. Another feature which isn’t as easy to spot inside the Lambo is the three position toggle switch on the bottom of the steering wheel which is used to control the electronic valve that changes the exhaust settings.


selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-73 selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-76 selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-77 selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-79

There’s not really much more you could ask for is there? With the simple press of a button you can toggle between a comfortable quiet cruise, to a high performance driving experience with the bark to match.



selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-81 selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-83 selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-84 selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-85


Photography by SELECTNINE

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