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The new year also saw these two cars come rolling through our doors. They may not be two vehicles usually seen together but this European hatch and Aussie V8 wagon are still a great looking pair.


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They came to us from RTLM Clothing looking for a change in aesthetics. The Golf R was treated to a suspension drop aided by a set of Bilstein B14 coilovers, and also recieved a DDC delete kit. The drop in height was perfect and gave the white on black Golf R a great stance, not a huge modification but without a doubt an essential one.


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The slightly more altered and very unique urban camouflage vinyl wrapped Holden R8 wagon is definitely a head turner. Not wanting to follow the usual rules of camouflage, this Holden definitely stands out rather than blending in.


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As far as modifications go for the R8, it was given a set of custom made Bilstein B14 coilovers which had been specifically set up to be comfortable whilst still retaining the extra low ride height that the owner was after. To accompany this, the car was also given a custom front lifter system to keep the front bar up out of harms way when it encountered any steep driveways or speed humps. Not only that but the low slung exhaust after the turbo upgrade also benefitted from the lifter system.


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Some adjustable rear camber arms were fitted to the car for obvious reasons and another stand out feature are the RSV forged wheels to tie everything together.


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All in all an excellent looking pair, simple black and white for the Golf gives it a classy and simple look while the camo wrap and super low stance on the R8 has it looking brilliant and unique, just check out those before and after shots!


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Golf_R_4Image by AL Photography.



Image by AL Photography.

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