The boys in the Heasman Steering and Suspension workshop spend so much time on our customer’s cars that we barely have time to work on our own. We spend so much time treating every car that comes in like our own that sometimes we forget the ones in our own garages. Every now and then there is an opportunity for us to turn the tools for ourselves and here is a good example of what we do with our spare time and expertise.




Our main man Chris gave us one of the best opportunities to do something special – his wedding! When it came time for us to have fun with his Mercedes-Benz CLK55 AMG, we gave it the works with help from a few of our good friends. We decided that we would turn his Benz into one of the meanest, widest, and most obnoxious creations to ever hit the Sydney streets.



Packing a 255KW punch and a whopping 510Nm of torque from factory, this car was no idle beast, it had all the go. For Chris’ special day, we wanted to give it the maximum possible amount of show! Being an AMG, the 5.4L V8 engine is hand-assembled and we knew we also had to create something by hand to compliment this fact.



Painted in Porsche GT3 grey, the colour says aircraft carrier through and through and with all the planes flying overhead Heasmans, we’re afraid one day they’ll try to land on the Merc! The bright green accents are an in-house mix by Basser at 2SUS Custom Resprays, and accent the grey like no other colour could. What completes the look are the huge RSV Forged wheels, in a whopping size of 19x10in at the front and 19x11in at the rears. We had accommodated for them with the guards to provide perfect the balance between wheel, guard, and clearance.



A Heasman Steering car would not be complete with a set of Bilsteins and Chris’ AMG was no exception. We fitted a set of Bilstein B16’s for maximum adjustability, and configured the set up with H&R Springs at the rear to give it some extra drop. With an alignment on our beloved TRON machine, the car drives true with optimal grip and tyre contact patch, even with the extreme positioning of the wheels in comparison to standard.





The car was completed at the eleventh hour after months of hard work, sweat and tears. Just in time for the big day! Not to be outdone, the car was an eye-catching addition to the wedding party, but what stole the show was definitely the beautiful bride and Chris didn’t go too bad either after we hosed him down. With the utmost care taken in our customers work as we do with our own cars, be sure to drop down to Heasmans Steering and Suspension to see what we can do for your car, no matter what occasion it’s for!





Photography  by SELECTNINE


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