For the past few weeks we’ve had this MONSTER Shelby Cobra in for a set of Bilstein Dampers. Even though we are absolutely bursting to share more on this beast, we don’t want to dwell too much on it just yet as we’ll be running a separate feature on the Cobra. For now a few pics of the incredible’ness of this Shelby and the rear dampers we have custom made.






From an iconic American Muscle car, to something much closer to home. The good old VH Commodore, but this particular one, a Group-C Racing car. Our Bilstein technician Paul has been servicing the dampers on this specific vehicle since they were hand-build by the team over 6 years ago. Paul attributes the great race performance of ‘Elvis’ to the precise handling that the custom dampers provide.
Bilstein have put together a much more detailed article on this Australian icon over on their site (SEE THE ARTICLE). From these few images alone it is clear to see the level of care Elvis receives. The under carriage not only looks absolutely brand new, but it’s just way too clean to be a race car! Jump over and have a read of this ion more detail here.






On we go to a much more modern, and….. Refined vehicle. Last week we wrapped up final adjustments with BATM4N v2.0. Again, just a mention on this one for now as we’ll be running a separate article on this.



Photography  by SELECTNINE

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