Every Ferrari is a special in its own way, but there are a handful of Ferrari owners that feel the need to take this notion to the next level. One such example of this kind of owner is our customer who brought to us this Ferrari California. Fresh from the factory to our workshop, the owner was very particular in his vision for what he wanted this car to become and Heasman Steering and Suspension was his first choice in making his dreams a reality.




The most noticeable change over standard are the perfectly fitted 21-inch ADV.1 5.2 wheels at each corner. Carried over from the owner’s previous Aston Martin, they needed a little bit of help to suit the wider guards of the California. We have refinished them with a glossy dish and a satin wheel face in a dark and classy shade of grey. Our in-house fabricators created hub-centric spacers for the front to bring out the wheels to a millimetre-perfect new fitment. To accentuate the look, we brought the car closer to the rim with a set of H&R springs.






Now that we’ve helped sweeten the view to the eyes, we also had to help bring more enjoyment to the ears. We fitted a Fi Exhaust to clear the California’s throat, turning the car from a grand tourer to a grand roarer. The exotic note is not only amplified, but with the addition of upgraded mid-pipes and rear mufflers, is still kept as refined as the factory purr it came with.








Minor modifications such as these may seem small, but they do add up at the pointy end, as displayed by the increased performance and enjoyment our race driver Nathan Antunes experienced while driving the car at the recent Ferrari-Maserati day (SEE FEATURE HERE).





Nathan had commented that the car greatly outperformed its stock counterpart. The owner was also overjoyed, being able to feel the extra grip with the wider track and also have increased cornering ability thanks to the lowered centre of gravity and upgraded rigidity.




Heasmans is your one-stop shop for quality modifications, and as the California’s owner has experienced, we are able to take your already special exotic, and give it even more! Watch the video above as our very own Brad Heasman gives you an overview of the work we carried out, as well as clips of the spine-tingling exhaust note.




Photography & Videography by SELECTNINE


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