Holy supercar Batman!

At one point in time, seeing a Mclaren on the streets of Sydney was a rare and mind-blowing experience, however these days with the popularity of models like this 650’s increasing, standing out from the crowd is difficult. Our task was to make this Mclaren like no other, a jaw dropper!
Starting off, we installed a set of newly developed H&R springs to lower it 15-20mm from original height.
The front bar was swapped out for the carbon version that Mclaren offers, and Vorsteiner carbon fiber rear wing and side skirts.

Completing the exterior styling, we fitted a set of bespoke, custom 2 piece Forge MV5 wheels.

To make it sound as good as it looks, we fitted up an FI Exhaust system, paired with a Fabspeed X-pipe. A truely visceral experience to hear and feel the 3.8l twin turbo V8 sing!

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