Lately we’ve been on a bit of a roll, we have had a plethora of amazing vehicles come through Heasmans and this time is definitely no exception. This stunning olive green Lamborghini Murcielago LP-640 graced us with it’s presence and we were here to do what we do best and give a special car a few extra special additions.









The owner of this LP-640 is an enthusiast and that really shows when it comes to this particular Lamborghini. We actually carried out the modifications on this spectacular car in a two part series, the first began when it was brought to us totally stock. The OEM Lamborghini wheels were painted charcoal and the calipers hiding behind were coated in a vibrant Lamborghini yellow. Stage one of the upgrades also included an IPE exhaust which was supplied and fitted by us at Heasmans to give the Lamborghini a bark to match it’s bite, the raspy tone it now sports really is fantastic. Last but not least, the Lamborghini was lowered using an Eibach spring kit, then the factory Bilstein shocks were altered to make sure that enough suspension travel was retained after the vehicle had been brought a little closer to the ground. Stage one of the modifications concludes with the Lamborghini being aligned on the TRON aligner and then sent home.







Round two saw this gorgeous green weapon brought back to Heasmans for another set of modifications. An amazing custom set of wheels were put on the Lamborghini, these wheels are a custom TROFEO FORGED staggered setup, 19×8.5” up front and a whopping 20×13” rear, they have a textured black centre, hi luster Monaco inner barrel and the outer lip is a high gloss Monaco copper. The brake calipers were’t forgotten this time either and they were painted in the Monaco copper to match the beautiful wheels that they sit behind.
The suspension didn’t get as much altering as phase one but it wasn’t left untouched, it was fine tuned to suit the size and fitment of the new wheels. Finally the Lamborghini once again had a date with TRON and it was aligned and ready to be sent home again with the owner.





This LP-640 has been a pleasure to have with us for both stage one and stage two, it’s had a few great upgrades that only add to an already stunning roadster. With the exhaust giving you something to hear, the wheels giving you something to see and the suspension giving you something to feel, we really think we have ticked all the boxes on this beautiful car. A big thank you to Le Montage for letting us park up the DAMMNN Lambo for this photo shoot, and now we’ll let the rest of the photos can do the talking.







Photography by SELECTNINE


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