Just recently, we saw another fantastic car pass through the doors at Heasmans. This time it was in the form of this stunning white Audi R8 Carbon Edition, which came in for some modifications to alter both function and form. Audi’s brilliant mid engine two seater is already a great package but there’s always room for improvement and we think we have done a good job at filling that space with a few well thought out and great looking mods.


selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-James'R8-21 selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-James'R8-22

First on the list of modifications was suspension, a set of KW V3 coilovers were installed in the R8 along with the HLS4 suspension system. The KW V3 coilovers are there to deliver impeccable handling and ride quality, while the HLS4 system is there to make sure the undercarriage of the Audi stays well clear of any potholes, bumps or humps you’re more than likely going to find on our roads. It’s a system developed by KW that attaches to the front and rear axle and allows for lifting of the entire vehicles ride height. While we all wish we lived in a dream land where these imperfections in the road don’t exist, this system makes the best of what we do have by allowing us to drive damage free without compromising handling or ride quality.



selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-17 selectnine2016-HeasmanSteering-GreenHuracan-18

The second vital piece on the list is the FI exhaust system, we have installed this excellent system in other high end cars before with great results. If you’re looking for both comfort and performance then this will be right up your alley. If you haven’t read about it on the Heasmans website before, this on the fly adjustable exhaust system allows you to open and close the valves to switch between a quiet, comfort based exhaust setting, to a performance based setting which gives a great exotic tone and allows for maximum flow and power.





The third on the list is a little less subtle than the first two. You may have noticed the spectacular wheels that the R8 is sporting, in a 20×9” front and a 20×11” rear these Trofeo Forged wheels really make the car stand out from the rest. Made from aerospace grade aluminium, heat treated, hand assembled and custom fit for this Audi.





Last but not least, notice the colour matched calipers peeking out from behind the spokes of the Trofeo Forged wheels. They were also done as a little touch to tie everything together. We think they look fantastic and although it’s only a small change, it’s always the little things that make the biggest differences.





Photography by SELECTNINE

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