Here at Heasmans we are starting to see quite a few fantastic Lamborghinis come in for alterations and improvements of all different kinds. This time, we have a beautiful white Lamborghini Superleggera that has rolled through our doors in search of a height adjustment. Something we have plenty of experience in.





Already a stunning car sporting the combination of white, black and carbon, it would be hard to surpass it’s already striking looks. In saying that however, a subtle change in height does make a huge difference. Nothing over the top and nothing outlandish, but a key ingredient that leaves this Lamborghini looking like a force to be reckoned with.






When you alter the ride height of a vehicle, one thing that is essential to maintain or improve on is the handling characteristics. Rather than compromising drivability, we have ensured that the handling and ride quality hasn’t been affected. What we have done, is made sure that the new lower ride height that the owner was seeking has been achieved without having any negative affects on the Lamborghini.





The factory Bilstein suspension has had shorter Eibach springs fitted which is the key to bringing the vehicle closer to the ground. The suspension has also been droop limited to maintain handling and ride quality, in doing this the weight transfer during cornering is altered and in turn it increases the cars handling capability. As with all suspension changes, the Lamborghini also underwent a full alignment to make sure everything was tip top after the change in ride height.




Suspension height adjustment is something we know very well, not always a simple task if you want to maintain or improve your vehicles handling. We happen to have done just that, with the Lamborghini departing Heasmans with a new ride height that’s both easy on the eyes, and drivable to boot.



Photography by SELECTNINE



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