Recently this 991 GT3 came in chasing something to help it exhale a little easier.




The engine is a 3.8L direct fuel injection flat-six engine that makes 475hp at 8,250rpm, it really is a fantastic power plant. A high revving motor like this really sings when you’re on the gas, and an excellent way to really bring that sound to life is with a good quality exhaust system.




Now we’re not saying that it was very asthmatic to begin with, but with the airways truly open, the performance is there when you need it and the affect it has on your ears is definitely not something to be sneezed at.



If you have ever heard the sound a flat six makes at wide open throttle, you would know that it’s hard to beat. This particular Porsche has been fitted with a Frequency Intelligent Exhaust which when open, pretty much assures you that you’ll never need your stereo ever again. The valves can also close, which reduces volume and allows for a more peaceful and comfortable drive.




Even at a glance you can see that it’s a beautiful piece of engineering. It would have to be if it wanted to be partnered with a car of this calibre, but the true magic is in the sound.



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