Many think you can’t have it all. Passengers have never really been welcome in the realm of exotic cars. Personalised for the driver, not designed with the ability to take the kids to school or drive a few clients to a meeting. The Aston Martin Rapide is Aston Martin’s way of saying, ‘Here, have some fun, and take some friends with you!’




The British super saloon features a 5.9L V12 heart up the front, which drives the rear wheels to the tune of about 350KW, taking this land vessel to a top speed of 303km/h, and from 0-100km/h in about 5.3 seconds. Let’s see your Camry do that!




Being of the bloodline from which many Bond cars have been spawned from, the Rapide does not skimp on the handsome looks offered to the smaller Aston family members. The rear haunches retain the gorgeous coupe lines, not skewed or adapted to the four-door configuration like Porsche has done with the sometimes-awkward Porsche Panamera.



Regardless of what we think of the looks, the Heasmans garage rollers are open for all cars! The owner of this Rapide came in looking to make more of an impact not only on the street but in the driver’s seat also.


selectnine2015-HeasmanSteering-AstonMartinRapide-12 selectnine2015-HeasmanSteering-AstonMartinRapide-13 selectnine2015-HeasmanSteering-AstonMartinRapide-14

First change was the exhaust, the owner has opted for a Fabspeed exhaust from the USA, which sounds brilliant and helps the car’s exhaust gasses sing an angry tune that would make 007 himself giggle with delight.





To help be noticed by the eyes as well as the ears, the wheels were painted a dark grey to give more contrast to the gorgeous white paint. Along this Heamans also painted the brake calipers a bright red, which stand out and give the car a more performance-driven look.



Last but not least as the newly painted wheels went back on the car, we took it in for a famous Heamsan’s wheel alignment and made sure the handling characteristics of this Aston were on point, fit for a secret agent’s getaway car!
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Photography by SELECTNINE

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