Suspension Solutions

Suspension Solutions

Coilover Kits

Generally, the first step of suspension upgrades is converting your standard suspension to an adjustable coilover kit. This takes your handling and performance to the next level with handling and adjustability, letting us further tweak settings to suit your application and desired outcomes. Heasman carry many brands to suit your car and budget and are the Australian authorized dealer of premium Bilstein suspension items.

Leaf Spring Resets/Replacement.

For those that haul or tow, leaf springs may become worn over time. We have a cold bending machine that allows us to reset your leaf pack to your desired height. It also allows us to add or remove leaves from the leaf pack, to gain strength or change the handling characteristics. The alternate option to resetting the leaf pack is to replace it and we are able to supply and fit items to suit your vehicle.

Polyair Springs

Heasman have carried and used Polyair springs for over 30 years now, in many different applications. If your vehicle suffers under the load of towing, if you experience ride quality issues, or even if your vehicles rear end is sagging, then Polyairs are the solution for you. They are an air spring that either goes inside the coil of a coil sprung vehicle, or between the chassis rail and the leaf pack on a leaf sprung vehicle. They assist in holding up extra loads, and retain your vehicles handling characteristics. They eliminate sway and bottoming out, and help with extending your suspensions life.

Corner Weighting

We use computerized scales to help us evenly distribute the weight of your vehicle to assist it with improved cornering and braking. This service is recommended for track and performance-based vehicles with coilover suspension. Most vehicles running coilovers are incorrectly set up and this may cause detrimental effects to the weight shifting properties of your vehicle. Corner weighting your vehicles ensures you get the most out of your suspension setup.

Lowering and Lifting

Whether you are after a tough, aggressive look for your sports car, or want more ground clearance for your 4WD, we have many options from simply replacing the springs to full suspension replacements. Every car and owner is different, so get in contact with us to make your car truly stand out in a crowd (or sit down!)

Prestige vehicle lowering

With time comes experience and Heasman have dealt with many cars over the years. One market that chooses us over the rest is the prestige car category. With our supreme workmanship and service, we treat your prestige vehicle with the highest amount of care, as we do with all vehicles that enter our workshop. Our extensive experience with luxury brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Maserati and countless others ensures the work performed on your vehicle matches the premium quality of your vehicle.