Wheel Alignment

Car Wheel Alignment

Since 1954, the word about Heasman’s expertise in wheel alignment setups has spread far and wide. If your car isn’t driving straight, or suffers from uneven tyre wear, Heasman steering helps you save money on expensive tyres by correcting your vehicle’s front-end geometry. If you are after additional adjustments to toe, caster or camber, Heasman Steering is able to give you a wheel alignment to suit your needs.

Heasman Steering has always been at the forefront of suspension tuning. From the basic wheel alignment to keep your wheels straight to ensuring you have the right suspension settings and tyre contact patch at the racetrack, Heasman Steering is the place to turn to.

Mechanical Wheel Alignment

Our traditional mechanical wheel alignment system uses a drive-over pit with easy access. Known as the Servex machine, the results are amazing, it allows our staff to reliably and consistently improve your car’s steering and handling performance. Being a mainstay of the shop for over 35 years, we have perfected its use and the fact we are still in touch with the traditional ways of alignment helps make our reputation in the industry even stronger.

The Servex machine is used to setup any type of vehicle – classic, sports, luxury or 4WD, the machine is able to cater for your car needs. The machine gives you caster, camber and toe readings in a matter of seconds, allowing for a quick and accurate wheel alignment.

Computer Wheel Alignment

Our state-of-the-art ‘Snap-On’ computer wheel alignment machine is the latest and most up-to-date machine in the country. With live 3D images, this machine provides all necessary live measurements with pinpoint digital accuracy. Wheel base measurements and wheel-offset position are also taken to eliminate any error in measurement and to give us readings accurate to the very last decimal.

This cutting edge machine allows for setups of all applications, whether for street, off-road or race circuit. Being digitally controlled, the computer creates the fastest readings, making the subsequent wheel alignment very precise and with the information, we are able to give you a detailed print out of your alignment. Another ability of this machine is that we can also use it to align all sub-frame components to the car’s body and also enables us to diagnose any other issues to the underpinnings.