Unleashing the Beast: The McLaren 765LT

When this McLaren 765LT rolled into Heasmans, it was already a marvel of engineering, a testament to speed and design. But at Heasmans, we believe even perfection can be perfected. This time, our team was tasked with elevating this already extraordinary vehicle to new heights of performance and style.

Ryft Titanium Exhaust

Ryft Titanium Exhaust; Known for their craftsmanship and the significant performance boost they provide, Ryft exhausts are a favorite among car enthusiasts. The installation on the 765LT was no exception. This upgrade was not just about enhancing the car’s performance but also about perfecting its acoustic signature. The result was a more resonant, throaty growl that perfectly matches the McLaren’s aggressive aesthetics.

Novitec Lowering Springs

Time to enhance the McLaren 765LT’s suspension. The choice was clear: Novitec Lowering Springs. Renowned for their balance of comfort and performance, these springs are engineered to lower the ride height, significantly improving the vehicle’s center of gravity. This not only lends the car a more aggressive, poised appearance but also dramatically enhances its handling dynamics.


No upgrade is complete without addressing the wheels – they’re like the shoes of a car, the final touch that ties everything together. For the 765LT, we chose the AL13 R30 R-SERIES Wheels. These wheels are not just about aesthetics; they are lighter, stronger, and designed to complement the McLaren’s dynamic capabilities. Paired with the 20″/21″ Michelin Pilot Sports 4s Tires, the setup promised enhanced grip and control, essential for a car with the prowess of the 765LT.

Comprehensive Upgrades

Our approach to upgrading the McLaren 765LT was thorough and detail-oriented, ensuring every aspect contributed to an unparalleled driving experience. This project was a harmonious blend of enhanced acoustics, refined handling, and striking aesthetics.



Premium Wheels

A Beast Unleashed

The transformation was complete. The McLaren 765LT, already a beast, was now a refined, more aggressive version of itself. With the Ryft Titanium Exhaust, it sounded as good as it looked. The Novitec Adjustable Spring Kit gave it an unmatched poise and stance. The AL13 R30 R-SERIES Wheels added that final touch of elegance and aggression, while the Michelin Pilot Sports 4s Tires ensured that all this power and beauty could be controlled with precision.

At Heasmans, we’re not just about upgrading cars; we’re about creating experiences. This McLaren 765LT is more than just a car; it’s a testament to what happens when passion meets precision, when performance meets style. It’s a Heasmans masterpiece.

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