The Vantage Point

The ‘Vantage’ nameplate has been used in the Aston Martin line-up since the early 50’s. Whilst a lot has changed in the near 70 years, the Vantage still holds true. A 2 door sports car where ultimate class and refinement meets spirited driving.
In 2005 Aston Martin introduced a new style of Vantage, a hand-built Grand tourer that goes on to be the most successful and most produced Aston Martin yet.
So with the most common Vantage ever in a styling not changed in 12 years, setting yours apart from the crowd is where we step in.

The aim for this Vantage GT was to emphasise the iconic look whilst retaining the Aston Martin charm.

We knew it needed lowering, so with a set of H&R lowering springs bringing the car down 20mm, we then set about removing the factory equipped BILSTEIN shocks and revalving them to be a little firmer for high speed stability, making sure to keep the ride quality as perfect as can be to match its new lowered height.

With the heights and valving all set, the finishing touch was to fit a set of Brixton Forged R10 UltraSport+, a hand crafted monoblock wheel from L.A that stays true to the class of the Vantage, and bringing a touch of sharp modern style.

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