You would have to agree that this GTR looks absolutely menacing. With it’s black on black colour scheme and huge rubber footprint, it just shouts “don’t mess with me”. This particular Nissan had come to see us for a few different things. All of which were right up our alley.



First up was an Umbrella Auto Design variable ride height system, also known as a VRH. This system is ideal for low ground clearance cars as it allows you to be able to raise and lower the ride height on the fly incase you need to get over a tricky speed hump or up a steep driveway. Once we had installed it, it’s as simple as pushing a button whenever you need to lift or lower the suspension.




We aren’t ones to do things in halves, so aside from the VRH system. The factory Bilsteins were overhauled and returned to the GTR in the form of a fully serviceable Bilstein coilover. We are licensed Bilstein technicians, so we have the tools and knowledge for the work we do on these units. This allows us to make changes like these and still retain the factory perks like the three in cab handling adjustments that the GTR is fitted with. The difference is that now, the existing sealed suspension has been revamped to be a fully serviceable and adjustable coilover. To allow for everything to come together with a perfect fit and finish, all necessary items like washers and spacers were machined in house to fit the Bilsteins electronically controlled shafts.




We are proud to say that we have taken the suspension setup on a GTR, a vehicle that is already renowned for it’s handling, and added some new parts along with some full custom in house pieces to maximise the performance of an already great setup. Not only has the handling been improved with these modifications, but the drivability has also been greatly increased with the addition of the adjustable ride height system. If you have ever owned or even ridden in a vehicle with a lack of ground clearance, you will instantly realise how much of a benefit this can be, especially on Sydney roads.



To finish up with this beautiful GTR, we finalised setup of the coilovers. The GTR was also corner weighted to further increase the handling capabilities and make sure that the handling was balanced. Last but not least, a small but essential procedure, a wheel alignment was done and this menacing GTR was back and ready for action.



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