The Mitsubishi Evolution is a popular choice amongst car enthusiasts. Although a very capable car from factory, it has a huge amount of potential in both performance and handling. We had this Evo VIII come in completely stock seeking a few additional bits and pieces to further improve an already great platform.



Starting with probably the most noticeable item, new blue shoes. These Rays wheels were originally grey and we painted and fitted them. Interesting how they can completely change the overall look of a car. A much better fit over the stock wheels which previously left a lot of unused space in the guards.





Partially hidden by the Rays wheels are the freshly coated Brembo calipers, the standard Brembo red is known to fade pretty badly with lots of use so this was a much needed touch up as we couldn’t have the brakes looking sad behind the newly painted wheels. Having done that, another issue that needed to be tended to was the brake disks and the pads themselves, the rotors were replaced with some new DBA 4000 units, and the pads were swapped out for some new Bendix SRT’s.



Hiding behind both the brakes and the wheels, we installed and set up some Bilstein B16 Height and rate adjustable coilovers. There’s a reason that the Evo has such a reputation on both the street and the track and paired with a quality set of coilovers, the amazing handling of these cars really shines.



After all the modifications were complete, the car was finished with an aggressive street alignment. After all, you have to do a quality set up justice by setting it up correctly or you may as well not do it at all. When the Evo finally left, it looked better, steered better, gripped better, and stopped better. The pictures speak for themselves.



Photography  by SELECTNINE



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