The automotive world is ever growing and evolving, guaranteed there are people who have spent their entire life devoted to the industry and still haven’t seen every hidden corner of it. You would be hard pressed trying to uncover every little subculture within a subculture, so many different ways to go about something, whether that be style, performance, purpose or show. Add that to the fact that when a small aspect of tuning or style goes mainstream, the international exposure it gets can absolutely blow it out of the water and mutate it into another whole subculture in itself.





It’s not hard to realise that with all that diversity, two of the exact same cars could be given to two separate enthusiasts and come back with little to no resemblance of their prior self. Here’s a very fitting example of this exact point, shown in the form of two R35 GTR’s. One of them a 500kw, sequential gearbox equipped track weapon that’s also been fitted with Bilstein MDS coil overs, bigger sway bars and an alignment courtesy of us at Heasmans. With a huge wing peering across the top of the Nissan’s roof line and the soles of it’s feet glued to the ground using Michelin racing slicks as adhesive.




The other GTR is a Liberty Walk kitted show stopper, Airrex suspension means that this Nissan is more at home with it’s sills kissing the tarmac than it is at full noise around a corner. With 400kw at the wheels it’s evidently still nothing to sneeze at, but don’t let the race inspired white tyre lettering fool you, when compared with the other GTR, it’s show versus go.





For anybody who is a lover of cars, it’s interesting to see two of the same car parked up right next to one and other when they have been created with two different visions in mind. One built to accelerate and corner so fast that the thoughts that were once going through your head have now been replaced by your own eyeballs. The other one sitting just millimeters off of the ground, may not give you whiplash through a corner but may have much the same affect from snapping your neck around to look at it.





The more you look at both cars side by side the more you notice the differences between them, being built for totally different purposes, it really shows on the surface. No doubt a huge amount of time and passion in both vehicles. There’s no question about quality, the only real question is up to you. Go Pony or Show Pony?





Photography  by SELECTNINE




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