The week leading up to MotorEx was absolute madness. We received the SUNUS Motorsports M3 fresh from JRacing, where the Liberty Walk kit was installed. Just as soon as the car arrived the parts started to arrive one after the other! Our technicians got to work. Installing the Air-Bag system and upgrading the brakes to a set of ARMA_Stop calipers, and Carbon Ceramic rotors. The wheels arrived which meant an all around wheel alignment and adjustment to allow the M3 to lay so low. Of course ot forgetting the finishing touch, opening up that throat a little with a Frequency Intelligent Exhaust system!
This video is Part One of a short, three-part series covering the journey of the M3 while in our hands. We were fortunate to have Mr Liberty Walk himself, Kato-san visit the workshop just before MotorEx itself! He dealt a few wise words of wisdom in regards to final finish to the kit, but all around was ecstatic and very much approved of the build.

Watch this space for the completion of this journey and more.
Video created by our media partner SELECTNINE.

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