Doug Heasman has been aligning wheels here since he was first starting out at the age of 15. 50 years and six months later you would expect that friendships have been forged, and certain people drop in to say ‘hi’ every now and again. But what you wouldn’t expect is to see is Jack Nicholson dropping in for a g’day with Doug. This immaculate Lincoln Mark V was brought in by none other than. After a quick chat and a full wheel alignment on the Servex Aligner, it was away with this monster 7.5L Front Wheel Drive!!





Another movie star to visit us next week was this very recognisable Delorean which was in for a general alignment and straightening of the steering. To get the most precise measurements we put this DMC on the TRON wheel aligner, which Chris was then able to get the exact millimeter adjustments into the suspension.


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A week rarely goes past where we don’t see a race car roll in off the back of a tow truck. This prime example Series-3 RX7, nothing like starting a bridge port N/A rotor in the morning! This race RX7 was in for a suspension setup to suit an upcoming race track and race day.



The Porsche GT2 we had in, ready and awaiting pickup by the owner. Another one of our customers brought his Ferrari California in after doing some track action (see all that action here). Simply wanted to loosen up the dampers a touch to suit and absorb some of Sydney’e shocking roads.


PS. No actual Jack Nicholson’s have been used in the making of this feature.

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