Factory Made Better, Another Maserati MC-Stradale.

selectnine2015-HeasmanSteering-MCStradaleRED-4Cars delivered on the back of trucks are usually an ‘oh no’ moment for many workshops. Usually this is a sign that the car is not running, a time-consuming headache that many mechanics would rather not deal with. This back-of-the-truck delivery could not be more different! Fresh from Ferrari-Maserati Sydney, this Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale had barely rolled off the boat before it made its way down to us at Heasmans.



The MC Stradale version is more powerful, lighter and more aerodynamic than any version before it, yet still retains the same fuel economy as the previous versions – not that fuel economy is the reason you buy a Maserati! A cross between an executive luxury vehicle and track-oriented supercar, the car makes 444HP effortlessly and in unrivalled style and comfort.



Before even taking the car to the streets, the car was in for some work with us. First stop was lowering of the factory Bilstein suspension. Although the MC Stradale rides slightly lower and stiffer than the GranTurismo S, our in-house Bilstein engineers were at work, re-engineering the valves to lose some millimetres on ground clearance without compromising comfort, handling and Bilstein quality.




To further accentuate the visual appeal of the already gorgeous Maserati, a set of ADV.1 wheels were added, giving an even more premium look to the grand touring coupe. Ordered in a raw alloy, we at Heasmans painted them in a gloss black for a more impacting sports look. Not opting for anything less than perfect, measurements were taken to make sure these wheels were made to fit perfectly with the new height, without need for spacers or guard modification.


selectnine2015-HeasmanSteering-MCStradaleRED-15 selectnine2015-HeasmanSteering-MCStradaleRED-16We also tinted the windows for privacy and aesthetic improvement, giving better overall contrast to the exterior. As common as tinting is, sometimes it can be the final piece to the visual puzzle that many owners overlook. Again, Heasmans can provide this service, allowing us to be a one-stop shop to achieve the perfectly tailored package for your vehicle.
The attention to detail did not only span to visual modifications either. The Stradale also had pipe work carried out, replacing the mid-pipe with a ‘Frequency Intelligent Exhaust’ (Fi Exhaust) system which allows the 4.4L V8 engine to sing a more throaty note.



selectnine2015-HeasmanSteering-MCStradaleRED-13A high-tech car needs a high-tech alignment, so naturally, the boys enlisted the help of our digital alignment system affectionately known as ‘TRON’ to help carry out proceedings.Re-configuring geometry of a car is crucial when altering height as to avoid long-term issues such as unwanted tyre wear and equipment damage from placing vehicle load on a component it shouldn’t be.


selectnine2015-HeasmanSteering-MCStradaleRED-5selectnine2015-HeasmanSteering-MCStradaleRED-8And back to Ferrari-Maserati Sydney it went, awaiting pick-up from the owner. A bespoke vehicle such as the MC Stradale deserves quality and dealership-approved work, and Heasmans are proud to be the trusted name when it comes to putting the final touch on a premium vehicle such as this Maserati. The workshop, dealership and owner all give the thumbs up!




Photography by SELECTNINE

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