Selfie Maserati MC Stradale – Factory, made better.

In a modern day where ‘off the showroom floor’ just doesn’t cut it anymore, we have begun to steer their new and regular customers into functional enhancements which can be tailored to an individual whilst keeping the factory value of a new car high, and more so in this case a brand new Maserati Grand Trismo MC Stradale.



After huge new car cost, luxury car tax and a good ol’ Italian Made surcharge, Nico a long-time customer of ours and proud owner of “SELFIE” found himself still having an undeniable urge to individualize his newest toy, and most importantly to fill the Maserati’s guards that sit so empty.






Nico met with Chris & Brad from to address 3 main agendas. Nico wished to lower the factory ride height, with-out compromising the existing Bilstein Suspension from Maserati. To fill the guards and fix the over apparent gap left by high offset factory wheels and of course to increase the performance slightly, whilst giving a louder more exotic note.

After planning the project, the team at Heasman’s and Nico found ourselves agreeing to go ahead with a cost effective, no corners cut way of taking OEM and making it subtly that little bit better.

To lower the Maserati we took out the factory Bilstein Shocks and converted them into a coilover suspension assembly, all completed in house by their Bilstein accredited engineers. After converting the suspension, the Maserati’s ride height was lowered and ride quality undisturbed.








A set of HR Bolt-on hub adapters were bolted on, spacing the wheels out to the specified offset desired. Now that the car had its low and wide, all that was left to do was make it scream the song of our people!


heasman+selectnine2014-SELFIE-9By opting for a frequency intelligent exhaust system, this allowed full control over the volume of his exhaust by a push of a button. Still allowing selection of an automatic mode which enhances the performance and sound when accelerating with a certain urgency, but still leaving the car sounding close to factory when desired.









To tie all the ends, all chrome badges were taken off, stripped and repainted Satin Black. A perfect example of ‘Less is More’ and how to stand out from the crowd without compromise, whilst keeping the factory value high and all completely reversible!

Finally, the finished product:



heasman+selectnine2014-SELFIE-25 heasman+selectnine2014-SELFIE-29

SELFIE, taking a selfie!

We also invested the time to document the build through video, very easy to watch and gives you a real grasp of how much engineering and work went into this clean build:

Photography  & Videography by selectnine


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